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Having spent 12 years working for Range Rover I decided it was time to start supplying the service that I knew needed to be provided.

Members of the general public came to me, the sales manager of a Range Rover dealer, attempting to sell their 5,6,7 year old car. I would tell them what it was worth, but I couldn't buy it off them as it was too old or too high in mileage for a Range Rover dealer to buy. I had built up an extensive network of independent buyers contacts over the years, so i thought "why don't i buy them and sell the cars on?"

That is exactly what we at do. Upon agreeing a price with you, we purchase your car. We will then be in a position to place your car with the best buyer and simply sell it on. This way we can always give you the customer the strongest price.

We don't differentiate on age or spec and we have buyers for cars from £250 all the way upto £50000, so click here and the rest is self explanatory.

Good luck, one of our buyers will soon be in-touch !






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